Nurotron Biotechnology is a medical device company that designs, develops and markets neurostimulation systems. The company’s flagship product is the Venus Cochlear Implant System. Nurotron’s patent portfolio also includes an auditory brainstem implant, artificial retina system, and systems to treat paralysis due to stroke.

Founded in 2006, Nurotron maintains its research and development center in Irvine, Calif., and manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou, China.


The Venus Cochlear Implant System from Nurotron is a safe, proven solution for adults and children suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. From a rapidly developing leader in implantable device technology, the Venus system incorporates advanced U.S.-engineered technology to deliver hearing performance in diverse hearing environments.

Nurotron has helped more than 6,000 individuals hear more and live better with the Venus system.

  • U.S.-sourced, high-quality, implant-grade materials
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)-machined to exacting standards
  • Speech processor designed at Nurotron’s Research and Development Center in Irvine, California

Thin, Ergonomic, Titanium Implant Package

Designed with patient in mind, to minimize overall height and bone well depth

Advanced Microchip Design

Provides high stimulation rates with ability to support future advances in sound processing

Two Extracochlear Electrodes

For different stimulation modes and more effective neural response monitoring

Platinum-Banded Electrodes

Industry-leading 24-electrode array

Removable Magnet

Allows patients access to MRI scans up to 1.5 Tesla with minimum artifact

Soft Electrode Design

Protects delicate cochlear structures for improved residual hearing

Symmetrical Lead Exit

Proven design facilitates efficient surgical placement of the Venus cochlear implant